About International Marketing

          Thank you for choosing to visit our official Blacamalu website. This site is dedicated to both individuals and future or current entrepreneurs. In this article you will discover a guide about what our Marketing International page contains. Marketing International is structured in several categories to make it easier to find your favorite products.

        The following categories are currently available:

Education – category in which you can discover products that can help you in your personal and professional development. This category has 4 other sub-categories (InternetMarketing and E-Business, E-mail Marketing, Green Products and Environment Protection, Cooking – Food & Wine) where personal development trainings are also presented but also courses to succeed where you set out to be.

Family and Kids – It’s not always about adults or children. Sometimes they can all be together! In this category you will discover products that will help you in your daily activities with the little ones. Toys and accessories to make everything look like a child’s play.

Fitness & Health – The most important aspect of a person is health, so here you can find products that will make you radiate in the true sense of the word. Useful guides that will get you to the look you want. Let me tell you a secret, you can get the look you want with products you have at home, it all depends on how you prepare them.

Business & Investment – Did you think it would be nice to have your own business? Or did you just think that you should go out of your way to invest in something that can pay off in the long run? In this category you can find investment strategies, how to „play” with crypto currencies or business ideas.

Smart Home – We live in an age of technology, so it could not be missing from our site. We all know that nowadays the phone is no longer used only for talking, now we can remotely program certain gadgets to make our lives as easy as possible. In this category we will try to bring the most relevant SMART products for you.

Computer Accessories & Peripherals – In our opinion, this computer industry has never disappeared, so we decided to bring in this category various products that will be useful in your activities.

Animals & Pets – Yes! We know! Our pets cannot access a website, but we believe that you will do it for them and bring good luck to their faces with products and accessories dedicated to them.


          To buy the product you want, just click on the picture or title of the product you want. You will automatically be redirected to the product purchase page. Thank you for your time with this article and we wish you more shopping!


          For any information, do not hesitate to contact us at the e-mail address: info@blacamalu.com


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